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Instinctive Cooking: Real or Ethereal? Part 2

Updated: Jun 12

So I'm back after half a day. After cooking for almost 4.5 years, the real me knows anything else but to let my imagination work on creating dishes from the ingredients that i picked up from my various sources.

Staring at my pantries, fridges and freezer, i zone out very often and get momentarily looking listless with ET reminding me to shutter the fridge or the constant beeping from the freezer get me back to reality.

Should i plan early? Procrastinate? Or just let my instincts take over on that day of service? In all reality, I do all three, but at the end of the day planning can only do so much. The last straw still depends on my instincts overclocking 2 hours before.

Three hours before service, tons of simple murmuring prayers and hands constantly in motion with life on their own, my mind flooding pass all the various flavor i sense in my life time, all 'rojak' (mixed-up) in a high-speed blender happening all at once.

This seems to work well for me and I can't really explain, hence i decide to call this my version of instinctive cooking. Doing this for the past 4 years, i guess it can't be ethereal, but something very REAL! Hocus-pocus, mystifying or just pure luck, this form of instinctive cooking works well for me.

I do force myself to often reference what current food fads are, popular or what's cashing in for cafes/restaurants. My rebellious self opt to go otherwise and neglect all these. This is as Real as it gets for me.

To Real food and beyond!

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