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Instinctive Cooking: Real or Ethereal? Part 1

Passion in cooking
Instinctive Cooking at Home

Didn't start without any culinary background, no institutions, no mentor, not even a kitchen to begin with. Singaporeans being Singaporeans, love for food seems rooted from birth. Parents subtly or unintentionally introduces all kinda food to their kids from young; from the 'yucky' cod liver oil (original) to the often greasy char kway teow. It doesn't really matter whether you love it or not, I grew up from a culture of eating because of health or just simply delicious. You eat because you are lucky enough that your parents can afford.

Myth or Reality, it really doesn't matter.

I am not going to use overly fancy words and just blurt, mental vomit everything else that crosses my mind, very much instinctively. (I'm so going to abuse this word). My background isn't going to matter but you will get me, should you continue to reading.

So, is feeding oneself or others a chore or a privilege? I hate going to the kitchen to feed my partner, Eileen (ET) and me. It's kinda a chore to cook; almost hate it. Don't ask me why, it's similar to asking you going back to office on your off day when you don't need to! But every booking from my customers/diners evoke a very interesting spark in my head, every single time! is it because of money, survival or craziness in some nodes in my brain?

Both of us started differently, I wanted a career change pre-covid, switch because eventually Artificial Intelligence is going to take over my job, ET started because she needed to get away from the forced-closure of her shop when lockdown started. Well, doesn't really matter, cos having the balls to pivot and grow will happen at some point in our life.

My five cents worth? do it before you regret or while you can physically.

Back to cooking..., to those who treat their kitchen as an office will know it's no mean feat. Loving to keep your kitchen organized and clean has to be part of your subconscious, if not don't even bother coming out with 'good' food or cooking at all. Loving your equipment and tools, equally important. Treat them well and you will be motivated. Sounds bogus?, but you'll appreciate it. ET and I try our best.

For those who know, I was from the creative line-of-work. So I am a dreamer in many ways, but I try to be technical at some point. I like to be inspired, but I really hate recipes. Half the time, they don't work, not that I tried hahahaha! Recipes to me, are BU****IT!

Real food has to have soul, with an elusive love (only you know), honesty and a great understanding of ingredients. (Always be bold to try new things). I don't ever measure my salts, fats, sweets or bitters, heck! i don't even keep a record!

I have reached a point where I pretend to play 'Iron Chef' in my head everyday. (honestly I ain't close to that level!) It's just a in-my-head-game. Visiting different supermarkets, wet-markets, artisan grocers, wine distributors and having endless silly conversations with my wholesales suppliers keeps my creativity in constant motivation and check.

I always find restaurants and cafes that stick to formulas and recipes are a real bore and lifeless, at the same time, it makes monetary and business sense.

To me, cooking is an ART, you either have it or not; almost sad. You need passion, inspiration and a mind 'full-of-sh*t' to make it work. You get better as you progress and those become experiences. If your mind is not 'full-of-sh*t', you will lack the enthusiasm to try and be really mundane and boring. For you to get a better results, be it new dishes or lazy 'pick-me-ups', cooking techniques have to be studied and appreciated. (Don't have to be an expert, but at least sound enough to prevent you from getting injured in the kitchen).

I'm gonna pause a little and figure out how to complete this first blog. Hahahaha.

Akan Datang Part 2! ...

To Real food and beyond!

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