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about us

eileen & justin met each other on the street of haji lane in 2006, became life partners and accomplices in 'crime'.

she started thesaladshop, a fashion & home accessory shop and he, a graphic designer. without training but with a love for good food, they began home dining at mcnair road when pandemic struck. self-taught with perseverance & determination and a dose of creativity, food and baking became their canvas.

no boundaries, cultures or fads.

Justin Leong


a canvas of flavours & memories created daily* with great ingredients.

* we really mean DAILY!

Eileen Teo


" i bake to watch you eat guilt-free! "

just enough sugar, good ingredients and made from scratch.

in our little island of singapore, most of our food sources are imported. to pursue the importance of  fresh ingredients and the thrill of being inspired becomes a challenge; but we think otherwise. this gives  our dining experience an edge to create new dishes with whatever products are available. our fresh ingredients are carefully curated (knowing the source and farming ethics) daily.

we avoid products that are priced for their prestige (uni, truffle, foie gras, wagyu, etc), because you can eat them in other restaurants, instead our approach is to introduce something lesser seen or known; cooked with our personal touch. the verdict rests in your discovery in our passion for food.


omakase-style, just not japanese.

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