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our menu,
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4-5 pax
standard  178sgd/pax
creative 198sgd/pax

6-10 pax
standard 158sgd/pax
creative 188sgd/pax

daily from 7pm
alcohol pairing
2-types 48sgd/pax
3-types 68sgd/pax

4-5pax 5sgd/pax
6-10pax 8sgd/pax

birthday cake
4-6 pax +58sgd
7-9 pax +68sgd
8-10 pax +78sgd
amuse bouche

because we believe in serving fruits at the start of a meal, we tease with a little something from our favourite fruit suppliers. seasonal fruits at it's best!

lip smackers

freshly sourced ingredients are extracted for their essence & flavours; reduced to silky/textured, and assembled with condiments to create contrasting flavours. this course is usually mid to heavy palatte.

potpourri 1

a medley of different flavours begin with our ceviché or tartare, ranging from veg, seafood or meat as our core; challenging us to source for fresh produces constantly. salads are twisted for something different.

potpourri 2

huge range of edible mushrooms and different preparation methods allows me to highlight the fungus’ potentials. Sorry no truffle in my kitchen, so as not to overwhelm the sensors. upgraded diners gets to savour our gourmet take on homemade pies. 


this sidekick includes crustaceans, shellfish or fish, paired with carbs/carbs-altenate. individually served and never planned as seafood are wild caught and seasonal. 

the lead

roasted, seared, grilled or a combination, this climatic course is customized. we only introduce wet-aged dense (means pasture fed and old cows) beef, nz or aust. lamb, iberico or mangalica pork (various cuts). so as diners can experience and discover. please check all leads with me as i constantly introduce and ignite your curiosity as we discover new sources with our butchers.

 not-so-sweet ending

bake or non-bake, we try to make the ending less sweet! discover relatable desserts based on our inspiration and interpretation.

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